Rochester Public Library - North Winton Branch Petition

Thank you for registering your support for the Winton Road Branch of the Rochester Public Library.
Please consider taking the next step in supporting the Winton Branch by writing a letter to:
Patricia Uttaro, the Library Director, - Central Library, 115 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14604
Lovely Warren, Councilmember for Northeast, City Hall Room 301A, 30 Church St., Rochester, NY 14614
The Mayor has to submitt a budget to the City Council by May 20th but could do this as early as May 10th.


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Do Not Cut flyer listing names of people to write your letter of support for the Library.Photo of the Winton Branch Library Sign  

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North Winton Village Association representing merchants and residents of Winton Road North, Blossom Road, Browncroft Blvd., East Main Street, Atlantic Avenue and Humbolt on the east side of the City of Rochester New York.