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Dear Community Member,
Recently I was promoted to the rank of Commander, and assigned to lead
the Rochester Police Department’s Patrol Division East. I am a 23 year
veteran of the Department and most recently served as a Lieutenant in the
Special Investigations Section as the Deputy Commander in charge of
narcotics investigations. I am very familiar with the East side of the city and
its challenges and benefits. I’ve worked the Eastside in a variety of assignments,
and also served as a member of the former Neighborhood Empowerment
Chief Moore and his selection team chose me after a search of candidates
from both within the department, and around the nation. I am proud to have
been selected and look forward to serving you, the members of this community,
and the police officers assigned to Patrol Division East.
It is my intention to attend all of the neighborhood meetings that take
place on the East side of the city over the next few months. There are a
number of meetings held each evening. As a result, I may not get to every
meeting, but I will attend as many as possible. I believe it’s important to meet
the people that take time out of their busy lives to attend these meetings,
because we share the common goal of improving our neighborhoods.
I’d like to invite you to attend the Police Commander Interaction Committee
(PCIC) meetings that are held each month. The meetings are held
according to your neighborhood’s sector. For your convenience I’ve attached
the meeting schedules. At these meetings I will discuss present crime statistics
and patterns, along with new information on what is happening within
your community, and the police department. These meetings are an opportunity
to bring your concerns to me about your neighborhoods, and have them
addressed. The PCIC meeting is open to any resident or business person
within their respective sector. They are often attended by a Neighborhood
Service Center Administrator or their designee.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the coming months.

( Eastside PCIC Meeting Schedule Area E - Sector 8 Second Wednesday of the
month - 7:15 P.M. Hillside Children’s Center, 1 Mustard St.)

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