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We, the patrons of the Winton Road Branch of the Rochester Public Library, are strongly against the proposed closing of the Winton Road Library. We feel that the library is the cornerstone of our neighborhood. Closing
such an institution will definitely lower the quality of the in our community. Also , by doing so, you will force more residents to move to the suburbs. Many patrons have used the Winton Library for their whole life.
Patrons of all ages are checking out materials, attending programs, using the meeting room, utilizing the Internet terminals and space for tutoring/quiet work. The Winton Road Library is busier than ever with the economy and with many young families in the area.


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If the statement above voices your concerns about the proposal to close Winton Branch Library
Please sign the petition below. Your information will be included with the petitions posted in the library.

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North Winton Village Association representing merchants and residents of Winton Road North, Blossom Road, Browncroft Blvd.,
East Main Street, Atlantic Avenue and Humbolt on the east side of the City of Rochester New York.