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Rochester City Police Chief visits North Winton VillageFebruary 23rd 2011
hief on the Road
Rochester City Police Chief James Sheppard visited North Winton Village
Wednesday February 23rd to talk to the neighborhood about crime prevention and the resources that Rochester City Police have set up to address crime in our area. The meeting held at Browncroft Baptist Church was attended 75 area residents, including Councilwoman Elaine Spaul, Carrie Andrews 21st district county legislator. Sheppard spent an hour talking with North Winton Village residents about their concerns. Chief Sheppard noted that the North Winton Village Area is the safest part of the city through a combination of police efforts; neighbors being actively involved in the PAC teams; and neighborhood groups dialoging with the police department through weekly and monthly meetings held in this area. Chief Sheppard noted that the City Police department has been blessed over the past three years with an increase in the force by about 80 officers. "We are a force that is serious about stopping crime", Said Sheppard. When asked about what impact the economy and city budget will have on the police force Sheppard said, "While the police force has increased and the city budget has gone down the force will experience cut backs to meet the budget. Despite these changes in the past Rochester City Police has always gotten their job done and they will continue to get the job done." When asked about how to report crime Sheppard said, "Call 911 even if it is just a suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Our best tool in fighting crime is the neighbor who is aware and calls 911. For nuisance issues call 311 if it is before 10pm after 10pm call 911." Sheppard introduced the officers assigned to the North Winton Village area who coordinate police force work. They are on the ground so talk to them and let them know about your neighborhood.

Chief Sheppard was introduced by Mary Coffee and Marilyn Schutie of North Winton Village Association who identified some of the issues that have been sources for crime in the North Winton Village area and requested that the police make extra efforts to address these. These concerns have been developed out of the NWV Association's weekly meeting held at the Public Safety Center 1933 East Main Street Thursdays at 11:30am. The following requests were noted
• More Police Presence in the NWV area including bike patrols.
• Point system enforced in the North Winton Village area with regard to properties that get repeat visits by the Police or reports from neighbors.
• East High School enforcing its closed campus policy. No students should be leaving the campus during school hours.
• Strong and swift stand on drug sales, drug houses and crime in the neighborhood.

To these ends The North Winton Village Association has worked to support the Police efforts in addressing these issues. The NWV Public Safety Center is one step that enables the police officers assigned to our area have a place to take a break, coordinate, and meet with area residents.
The dialogue extended by Chief Sheppard through the Chief on the Road meeting was clear demonstration of the effort the Rochester City Police and the neighborhood groups are making to support a safe community.

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North Winton Village Association representing merchants and residents of Winton Road North, Blossom Road, Browncroft Blvd., East Main Street, Atlantic Avenue, Merchants Road, and Humbolt on the east side of the City of Rochester New York.