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Welcome to the page that links you up with the candidates running for office to represent districts in North Winton Village. This year will be the first general election using the new voting machines. Listen to the instructions given and mark your ballots carefully making sure to mark the correct number of candidates the instructions state at the top of the column. Get out to vote Tuesday November 2nd, 6am to 9pm.


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NY State Governor
Carl Paladino - Republican
Andrew Cuomo - Democrat

US Senate Candidates:
US Senator, Senior, Seat
Jay Townsend - Republican
Chuck Schumer - Democrat - incumbent

US Senate, Junior, Seat
Joe DioGuardi - Republican
Kirsten Gillibrand - Democrat - incumbent

28th District US House of Representatives
Jill Rowland - Republican/Conservative
Louise Slaughter - Democrat - incumbent

55th NY State Senate
Jim Alesi - Republican - incumbent
Mary Wilmot - Democrat

132nd NY State Assembly
Mark Scudderi - Republican
Joe Morelle - Democrat - incumbent

More info on other offices...
Monroe County Republican Committee
Monroe County Democrat Committee

Want more details on how to vote or where to vote? The Monroe County Board of Elections
provides more information at this link (CLICK HERE).



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